• Can I come and preview the items for auction? - Of course, please check the terms and conditions of the auction on the Details page. We encourage your to preview items. Since we do not open, test, inspect,try out the items it is your responsibility to determine the amount you are willing to bid on any item. All items are sold as-is.

  • ​What are the Terms and Conditions of the auction? - Please check the terms and conditions of the auction on the Detail page. 

  • What fees do you charge? What is a buyers premium? -  In most cases we charge a buyers premium, as well as there may be other fees - please see the Auction Details page on the Auction Information tab. A buyers premium is the fee charged to a bidder (if they win the item) the opportunity to bid on and win such items.

  • I mistakenly bid $1,000 instead of $10. What do I do? - Please email us - We will be happy to adjust your bid to the lowest highest bid for that item (in most cases)

  • I got a new Credit Card. How do I update? Or how can I change my card after I registered for the auction? - If you have a new card and have not registered for the current auction. You may change your card at the time of registration. If you have already registered you must pay with the card at time of pickup. We are not able to change after registration. 

  • Can I pay cash? - No you must have a valid Credit Card to bid and register. After the close of the auction your credit card will automatically be charged.

  • I do not like, want, need the item(s) I won, can I return them? - No once sold our items are not returnable or exchangeable.

  • The item I won is broken, damaged, missing pieces, parts, instructions, etc... Can I return or exchange it? - No, please see our buyers guide above. Once sold there is no returns or exchanges. Please make sure you preview items listed for auction, all items are sold as-is.

  • Please, just this time, can I return I did not have the time to preview, but I bid anyway and there are challenges with the item? - No, Sorry we give at least two times/days for everyone to preview the auction. We allow you to open, test and try the items before bidding. To be fair to all bidders, all terms and conditions have to be enforced. You would not want us to refund another customer but refuse your request for refund/exchange. If you are not able to preview please bid accordingly.

  • What if the color is different, or different shade, or looks different then the picture? - We do our best to make sure the color and picture clearly represent the item you are bidding on. But sometimes there may be variances. Please preview the items you are considering bidding on. There are no returns or exchanges for color differences. 

  • But what if the picture and description are incorrect? - Please contact us we will work to resolve.

  • I can not or Did not pick up my items during the pick up times. What do I do? - Usually we will hold your items for a few days and you can pickup late (please note there will be a fee charged, please being cash to pay for this fee) You may be able to send a representative to pick up you items, please contact us for terms and conditions.  If you fail to pick up your items after the stated terms of the auction, your items will be forfeited and you will receive no credit.

  • Do you or Will you ship my items? - Yes, we use a third party shipping company in most cases. Please let us know after the auction that you will need your items shipped. Please note we do not control the cost of this service. Also note that it may take a week or more to prepare your items for shipment.

  • What if I do not pay for my winning items, or my credit card is denied? - We will send you a unpaid invoice and you can contact us to arrange payment. We reserve the right to continue to process your payment until your account is settled. If you do pay or make payment arrangement you will be blocked from bidding on our site as well as could be blocked from bidding on any hibid auction platform. Once blocked you will be required to pay a fee to reinstate your bidding privileges.

  • What if I do not like or agree with the terms of the auction, or do not want to pay the fees? - We work to provide everyone an equal playing field to bid and win on the auction. We can not make special exceptions to adjust the terms and conditions as that would not be fair to the other bidders. So  if you do not agree to the terms please do not bid. No adjustments will be made after the close of the auction.

  • What if I want to consign my estate/collection to the auction? - Please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss your items. We also offer buyout services. Please contact us for details.

  • What if I have additional questions? - Please contact us. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Auctions, Estates, Liquidations, Antiques and Fine Art

Buyer's Guide

We want to take a minute to let you know how our process works and what we do, and what is your responsibility as the bidder.
The items we auction come from many different sources: Estates, Storage Units, Consignments, Wholesales, and Retail Stores. 

We source products from the largest online, brick and mortar Retail and Home Improvement Stores.

Retail Items
The main part of the Retail Store Items is that they can have several different levels of conditions. These conditions would include, New, Open Box, Shelf Worn, Overstocks, Returns, and Damaged. When bidding unless the items is marked as New in the description, it will fall into one of the other categories. When buying these conditions you can expect the following:

New and Overstocks are items that were never exposed for sale in a retail setting though they may no longer be in their original master case or factory packaging. New overstocks, also often referred to as Closeouts, tend to be goods which typically have never been merchandised or exposed for sale in a retail store. Such goods can materialize from retailers, importers, manufacturers or distributors who are closing down or simply have discontinued or excess goods in their warehouse that they need to move. Overstock goods tend to be in mostly New Condition.

Shelf pulls are items that were already exposed for sale in a retail environment but have been “pulled” from the shelves and chosen to be liquidated by the store. These goods are typically New and have never been used. Shelf pulls are typically excess goods that have been displayed for sale in a store or online but have never been purchased by a customer. Shelf pulls are typically considered excess inventory from store shelves. In the vast majority of cases, shelf pulls require much less work than customer returns in terms of testing and repairing, but you should expect to have some checking work to do as well as cleaning off potentially dusty items.
Customer Returns are typically items that have been purchased from a store (or online store) but then returned by a customer. Stores have varying individual return policies as well as product liquidation policies which can affect the type & condition of products you may see. Large Majority of Customer return goods simply undergo a cursory visual check at the store level prior to making their way into a return channel. The general “quality” of customer return loads can vary significantly from Retailer to Retailer and it is common that some may have a 50% or greater Defective rate while others are only 10% or 20%. It is up to you as the buyer to determine what condition is acceptable.

Customer Returns typically have the following characteristics and stores can decide to liquidate these goods for a number of reasons:

Defective when returned by the customer
Cosmetic blemishes or slight defects
Out of box goods
Missing minor or major components (remove controls, manuals, covers, cables)
In-store display items
Damaged exterior packaging
Items that the store does not want to or cannot re-shelve
One or more features does not work
Store is overstocked with such items
Out of season items
Discontinued items
Defaced barcodes and/or labels
Signs of handling – both external packaging and the item itself

Often, additional internal store tracking or return labels can be found on the items. All customer return goods are always sold with no warranty or guarantee. Any warranties found with the goods are invalid and cannot legally be used. Many stores do not have separate programs to liquidate customer returns or excess new merchandise  & new shelf-pull or overstock merchandise can commonly be found in customer return loads.  Depending on the product category and each stores liquidation policy  –  working percentages on customer returns can vary greatly.

With this is mind we give ample time for you as the bidder to come and inspect the items you are considering purchasing. You can plug in, test out, try as you need to. We do not open, test, inspect, try out, etc any item. All our items are sold as-is with our warranty or guarantee. And that is how we are able to start the bidding so low on the Retail Merchandise. It is up to you as the bidder to determine the items you want to bid on and at what price you are willing to pay - taking into consideration the condition and quality of the item. 

Hopefully this Guide helps you in the future with your auction purchases -